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For over 10 years

Synoptic Tuning has been in business for the past 10 years and continues to provide the same level of professionalism you expect.

Although specializing in engine tuning, Synoptic Tuning also offers numerous services such as engine building, cam shaft installation, cylinder block assembly, chassis development, suspension modifications, brake upgrades, transmission, gear set and many more.

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Sajan Seyan is a great car enthusiast. It all began when he first learned to drive, at the age of 9. His passion for tuning and racing began when he made the purchase of his very first car, at age 16. The very first time Sajan experienced a real racing environment was on a professional racing track in 2006, while he was still learning from the racing courses he used to follow. This experience confirmed his love for racing, where all his free time was devoted. In 2008 he received a competition accreditation (…).

Sajan began working for Synoptic-Tuning in 2007. He possessed great experience and technical know-how from all the car racing as well as the knowledge acquired from studying in Engineering at Concordia University. After gaining valuable experience throughout the years, acquired through hard work as well as in the process of tuning of many cars, he eventually took the lead of the company.

Furthermore, in 2009, Sejan Sajan began teaching at the club that provided him with his first experiences. Today, as a professional racer, he hopes to run the campaign with a 2004 Honda Civic, powered by a K20, during the entire year of 2012 in the Super Production Challenge.

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Synoptic Tuning is also an official sponsor partner of certain car racers and car clubs.

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