Dynapack Chassis Dynamometer

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Why is Dynapack better than a classical dyno?

Total control on the desired performances

With a Dynapack, it is possible to put a maximum regime motor and/or a maximum pressure (boost), what makes that the motor never works beyond its maximum capacities.

No retention harness

As the vehicle is directly screwed on the dyno, the movement of the vehicle during the trying does not affect the results.

Elimination of friction between tire and the roll

This allows removing from the equation, its tire grip, its rolling friction, its temperature as well as its diameter.


Because of all the previous advantages, the results between the several tries are identical to 0.3 %.

No inertia

This controls the speed of the vehicle and measure the smallest fluctuations.


We use the Motec wideband.


The Dynapack is so precise which allows reading the variations caused by:


Different spark plugs

A difference between different lubricants

A change of .010“ in the distance of the electrode

The load which the alternator brings to the motor when the headlights switch on


The Dynapack is a device designed with advanced technology that allows applying variable hydraulic pressure while remaining accurate. This is accomplished by attaching the wheels of the vehicule directly on the Dynapack. This simulates the on-road driving.

The Dynapack possesses a unique hydraulic mechanism that allows to quickly and precisely measuring the power of the engine, its torque and many other performance data related to the car. The device operates with a sensibility that is so precise that is it possible to detect if the headlights are on!

The Dynapack attaches itself directly onto the essieux, therefore eliminating the disadvantages of distortion caused by the tires, such as the noise, the (couple Volant), the loss of traction, the heating of the tires and the variations due to the type that are used. The couplage direct aux essieux also allows the Dynapack to give very sensible readings at various engine speeds.



  • Portable
  • Almost no sound – No rubbing of tires
  • Very accurate results – No inertia to falsify readings
  • Reliability – identical measures, difference between measurements of about 0.3%
  • Engine stress reduced – At minimum, trials can last between 2 and 30 seconds for the acquisition of the power, torque, gas and the acquisition of measures


The Dynapack uses adaptors mounted directly on the axles. Once the adaptors are fixed on the vehicle, they are inserted into the hydraulic absorption unit. The hydraulic pumps create a calibrated charge to the vehicle by calculating the axles speed of rotation and the engine regime, compared to the acceleration curve. As all vehicles are different, this method allows obtaining a precise charge on the dyno, like it would feel for an everyday drive.