Before taking an appointment

What to do
How we work

Steps to follow before taking an appointment

Pay particular attention to the details mentioned below. This will save you time and money during your tuning session.

It is possible to solve some problems during your session if our schedule allows it, but this extra time will be charged. If you come to an appointment with a vehicle that does not work properly, we might not be able to finish your session tuning.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at If you cancel your appointment due to mechanical problems or lack of preparation, your deposit will not be refunded.

We use a Dynapack dyno and a wideband sensor during the tuning session. The wideband sensor must be installed in your exhaust. To do this, please install a second hole for the oxygen sensor before the catalyst in the same way as on this image.

Make sure the hole is sufficiently big. We are using the same type of sensor that is used on a Volkswagen Turbo. Even though it is bigger than a Honda sensor, I use the SAME thread. Make sure the exhaust pie is not visible through the ring, which will be wielded for the thread.

What you need to bring!

  • Friendss
  • Meal and drinks
  • Your digital camera or recorder
  • IMPORTANT: Your lock rim

What you need to check!

  • Do not book an appointments if you have any engine fault codes
  • Make sure your brake system works properly
  • Make sure your blow off is well tuned
  • Attach your hose and make sure they are tight
  • Make sure your engine does lack of any fluid (oil, coolant, etc.).
  • Replace the liquid cooling system, do not come if your car tends to overheat
  • Your exhaust manifold must be locked and tight, otherwise you will suffer a loss in performance
  • Check that the thread of the broadband probe is standard for most popular wideband (Bosch, NTK)
  • The power lines and oil return must be of good size and functioning correctly
  • Never install a fuel pump if there is presence of dirt, rust or other contaminants in the gas tank
  • The battery in your vehicle must be in good condition, a lack of power could put an end to your tuning session
If you have one of the problems mentioned above you can still book an appointment. One week before your tuning session, contact us for diagnosis and repair of your vehicule.

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